Advantages of Using Fountain Pens

As an artist, the most indispensable use of fountain pens is their technique of crafting words. Just when ideas are flowing in the mind of the writer, its nib never encounters trouble keeping up and intriguing more ideas in his/her mind.

The lines left on paper by most fountain pens are visually impressive. Digital printing is rarely as impressive as the text written by a fountain pen which is so alive in its own way. It is much like comparing letterpress printing and modern printing techniques. There is a subtlety in its writing that isn’t there in any other form of writing instrument. In fact each nib of a different fountain pen has varied line forms and structures and their appearance on the paper are a sight to look at. The added benefit of being able to use any shade of any colour that suits the writer’s mood is needless to mention.

Practically everyone who takes a little time to get used to using a fountain pen has noticed that it improves their handwriting. Here’s a list of the best 2014 fountain pen recommendations. Fountain pens with one of a kind nibs are used as a piece of the finest calligraphy. The method required is sufficiently unique that it prompts better handwriting, paying little heed to the way that you don’t attempt to improve it.

Finger stress wounds, carpal shaft syndrome, hand cramps are some typical signs of using electronic keyboards or a modern pen which requires users to exert pressure on the tip. Ballpoints and pencils may be all the more terrible, and even the smoothest roller-ball needs weight to create. Fountain pens demand basically zero weight at all to be able to write. That is one of the things which make them a joy to use.

Fountain pens are in fact less expensive, in the longer run of their usage as opposed to even the cheapest of ballpoints. The Parker Duofold fountain pen review is a great pen that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. No one ever considers how the cost incorporates. It is tricky to ponder the two procedures accurately, since the ordinary measure of a ballpoint’s life is to what degree a line it will make before running out. With fountain pens, every nib is different, and a wide or a wet nib will use significantly more ink than a fine or a dry nib.

The cheaper pens that are worth nothing when you discard them, most fountain pens keep much of their quality. Some are even worth more twenty years after you buy them. So the pens which people assume to be expensive can actually extra you money. Also it is important to mention that various fountain pens are beautiful and even stylish to look at. For sure ink bottles are objects of excellent craftsmanship. By using a fountain pen you can add luxury to your life, and still have a good lifetime investment.

Moreover, a fountain pen with glass bottled ink is an eco-friendly option. You can reuse your unfilled ink containers. With a disposable pen, you are throwing out the tip, the barrel, everything, once the ink is used up. In fact with a ballpoint or rollerball that uses refills, you are throwing out the unfilled refill, and these can’t be reused.