Everything You Wanted To Know About Herb Grinder but Were Afraid To Ask

A grinder for herb has only one very simple function in life: to breakdown your supply of buds into ground finely tiny pieces that are easier to roll and that burn in a bowl more evenly. What will surprise you is the fact that an item that is developed to do only one simple act comes in so many choices!

All types

Herb grinders can be found in all types on sale, from the very plain 2-part acrylic grinders to lush and gorgeous wooden grinders with carved soapstone that are beautiful and have insets on the lids. There is also the tough as anything Mendo Mulcher grinders and ‘pollen presses.

Herb grinder starting with 2 pieces

The 2 part herb grinder is typically all you need to get the job done, but if you are anyone in your home is a more frequent smoker or is ill and frequently uses it, try looking at a 3-part, 4-part and even a 5-part grinder, most of these come with pollen screens build-in and ‘kief catchers’ all to aid in making your weed last longer.

Decorative grinders

Some of the more decorative grinder models have a tiny window in the lid so that you are able to watch all the action, or even a machine-driven crank to turn instead of those that works the grinder the passé way. Some have magnets installing in the grinder compartment so as to keep the lid firmly committed while allowing for free motion of the two grinding halves. When choosing your pot grinder, whether for a gift or to use yourself, notice which types of teeth it has. They normally will be either shark teeth-shaped, diamond-shaped, or steel pin teeth. It is a matter of preference really, just like everything else in life.

Most popular

King skull grinders are perhaps the most popular grinders in any selection of aluminum herb grinders – with a crystal-catching pollen screen or without. The metal weed grinders are durable, powerful and available in a range of colors, sizes and features.

Mendo Mulcher

There is also the Mendo Mulcher which is another very popular grinder as well as the Santa Cruz Shredder medical-grade grinders, some of the best grinders that are available today. And if you just are unable to resist a very ingenious automated gadget, don’t miss the Black Leaf’s vibrating electronic herb grinder. This is power-driven by a disposable battery, and the kief catcher pieces of this grinder features a switch that makes the base shake to knock lose all the flavorful pollen powder that gathers there. Sprinkle some over your packed bowel or into your joint for a really added boost, or put it together into a pollen press and make yourself a sticky little disc of hash for later.

What to buy

To help you decide what to buy, you need to look for those that are made for the purpose you will be using it for. For example, for medical use the grinders are a bit different, just as those for everyday use are different than the grinder for occasional use. You will find something for everyone in the grinder selection. They make really cute stocking stuffers for the Christmas season.