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“Technology up-to-the-minute, huh?” Lance fumed, his eyes glistening with rivalry.

A few dozen boys in the hackathon stirred in their seats as Lance spoke. They seemed ready to badger every minute of the job with indignation.

“Computer science majors have no greater asset than technology. No greater asset than tech,” Lance pitched. “Every programmer knows when they’ll have something useful. But when people need it? That’s our advantage!” Charlie leaned forward, perched above the monitor. “One week, two-three weeks, here and there, we build. We make our own opportunities!” he waved his hands. “If I could do anything to set us apart from the rest of the world, I’d do it. Even if it took time,” Charlie thought. He had become passionate about the company, about the community.

With twenty-three minutes left on the clock, Lance said, “We need to build a community of the best tech lovers in the world. Someone who asks: Will you, or will you not, repost this to your friends’ feed?” Lance clicked ultra-fast. “Face Bookers! Twitter-folk! Google Plus-era! Smarmy things to all their friends.”

Lance’s hands blurred across the screen. “A couple hundred people ‘like’ their friend’s new job and want a link to visit their company’s website.”

“Think about it, my friends. Think about a trillion free hits on our website. They’ll maybe spend a fortune on some startups. Which ones interest us?”

Lance’s friend in the crowd loudly murmured something about the promotional video set to launch Lance’s new marketing strategy. “The movie (was made) to entertain, share, and educate you with pure, unadulterated, and free market equity,” said the friend.

“It was great,” the friend finished.

“Just three hours ago this video was being made, and within a few hours, it’ll be on the whole town in the largest possible way,” Lance says, rolling up his sleeves. “Mm-hmm. But we’re not done yet,” Lance awkwardly reaches for the bag at his feet. He unzips and rifles through its contents. He pulls out a half-eat

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