Everything You Wanted To Know About Herb Grinder but Were Afraid To Ask

A grinder for herb has only one very simple function in life: to breakdown your supply of buds into ground finely tiny pieces that are easier to roll and that burn in a bowl more evenly. What will surprise you is the fact that an item that is developed to do only one simple act comes in so many choices!

All types

Herb grinders can be found in all types on sale, from the very plain 2-part acrylic grinders to lush and gorgeous wooden grinders with carved soapstone that are beautiful and have insets on the lids. There is also the tough as anything Mendo Mulcher grinders and ‘pollen presses.

Herb grinder starting with 2 pieces

The 2 part herb grinder is typically all you need to get the job done, but if you are anyone in your home is a more frequent smoker or is ill and frequently uses it, try looking at a 3-part, 4-part and even a 5-part grinder, most of these come with pollen screens build-in and ‘kief catchers’ all to aid in making your weed last longer.

Decorative grinders

Some of the more decorative grinder models have a tiny window in the lid so that you are able to watch all the action, or even a machine-driven crank to turn instead of those that works the grinder the passé way. Some have magnets installing in the grinder compartment so as to keep the lid firmly committed while allowing for free motion of the two grinding halves. When choosing your pot grinder, whether for a gift or to use yourself, notice which types of teeth it has. They normally will be either shark teeth-shaped, diamond-shaped, or steel pin teeth. It is a matter of preference really, just like everything else in life.

Most popular

King skull grinders are perhaps the most popular grinders in any selection of aluminum herb grinders – with a crystal-catching pollen screen or without. The metal weed grinders are durable, powerful and available in a range of colors, sizes and features.

Mendo Mulcher

There is also the Mendo Mulcher which is another very popular grinder as well as the Santa Cruz Shredder medical-grade grinders, some of the best grinders that are available today. And if you just are unable to resist a very ingenious automated gadget, don’t miss the Black Leaf’s vibrating electronic herb grinder. This is power-driven by a disposable battery, and the kief catcher pieces of this grinder features a switch that makes the base shake to knock lose all the flavorful pollen powder that gathers there. Sprinkle some over your packed bowel or into your joint for a really added boost, or put it together into a pollen press and make yourself a sticky little disc of hash for later.

What to buy

To help you decide what to buy, you need to look for those that are made for the purpose you will be using it for. For example, for medical use the grinders are a bit different, just as those for everyday use are different than the grinder for occasional use. You will find something for everyone in the grinder selection. They make really cute stocking stuffers for the Christmas season.

Be Careful When Choosing Supplements For Your Dog

Canine dog supplements are separated as either therapeutic or dietary supplements. Also called dietary nutrients; dietary supplements are elements that are added to many pet foods in order to make them more nutritionally complete as well as offering a diet that is balanced. Nutraceuticals or therapeutic supplements are foods or food nutrients that are given to the animal orally for the treatment of some health problems.

Don’t believe all you read

Pet health conditions can be treated with hundreds of supplements on the market. Most owners learn about their pet supplements through friends, internet, retail stores, or media advertisement seen at the vets. One very popular supplement you have probably seen advertised at your vet is Dasuquin. With any type of supplement you get be sure to read Dasuquin reviews to know if it will be a good fit for your pet.

Advertisement might be biased

But it is important to know that this information might be incomplete or biased. Information also can be found in textbooks on standard nutrition. Pet vitamins contain amino acids, minerals, fatty acids and other nutrients. But you need to seek your vet’s opinion on what supplements are safe.

No Scientific Trials

It is important to remember that there are very few supplements as well as herbs that have been investigated in scientific trials to determine their effectiveness. So much of the information on the internet or from friend’s experience is not proven so basically should be taken with a grain of salt.

Natural products not always safe

Also a pet product that is natural does not necessarily mean that it is safe. All herb or medicinal plants can be toxic if used in excess. Using pet supplements and nutraceuticals has become part of the practice of veterinary medicine. But many vets do not know the precautions or the indications surrounding their usage.

Quality control

Quality control is important to provide some measure of assurance that the product is safe with respect to its medicinal ingredients and its purity. Unfortunately not all manufacturers share these concerns.


Every product package needs to have the name and contact information of the manufacturer. This is important because some dog food manufactured in China has actually killed some dogs in the United States. The labels should also contain information on active ingredients.

Bad Reaction

When your dog’s reaction to any supplement is bad and unexpected, it needs to be reported to your vet or the person who advised you on this pet supplement. It is important the government agencies are informed of any dog or animal products that are not made in the United States and have made your dog ill.

Problems with digestion

Digestive problems are also common in many dog breeds. Irritable bowel disease, diarrhea, and gas are some of the more noticeable problems in the digestive tract. But digestion that is poor can add to a numerous problems that many individuals would never think of linking with these problems.

Probiotics and enzymes

Digestive probiotics and enzymes can help. These 2 things happen naturally in the bodies of mammals, but they are also provided in a good diet. But, the diets that dogs eat today often deplete these beneficial bacteria and molecules, so they are available in supplementation.


Enzymes to help with digestion are present in the digestive tract. There are many kinds of various nutrients that deal with this problem. Dogs get digestive enzymes also when they eat a raw diet including tissues containing them.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying Laptops

If you are a laptop, what type would you like to be? What specs and features would you like to have for you to be sold easily in the market? Do you want to be cheap or expensive? What are the qualities that you would want to have to be the best lappy in town? Will you be a user-friendly, or you rather create jargons and puzzles to the people who want to use you?

Nowadays, ideas of laptop manufacturers were extremely crazy. They are continuously thinking of ways to develop the most sophisticated, high-tech, durable, budget-friendly, and user-friendly laptops. For some, laptop is already a need especially for those people who work in a corporate world and would want their job to be mobile. But what really makes a specific brand of laptop stand out from the rest?

Before buying one, you should consider all the necessary points.

PRICE – Now let us talk about your budget. That is one of your most important bases on choosing your laptop — unless you are ready to purchase even the most expensive one just to get along with its best quality and brand. The price of laptops in the market ranges from $500-$2500. This is for high end brands, but there are also laptops for budget conscious people.

SIZE– Another thing to be considered is the size of the laptop. It is more specific to talk about the size of the screen or the monitor. If you are an IT professional or someone who works as a system administrator, you would rather want to have bigger screens like 15-18 inches. If you are someone like into sales, real estate, business, or a student, you would rather want to have screens from 11-14 inches so it would be very handy and comfortable for your job.

SPECS & FEATURES – Now let us go on to the more complex part of choosing your laptop. Some people are really particular on specs and features of a certain brand of laptop because the quality and durability of the device itself depends on these.

  • Processor – It would indicate the speed of the laptop’s performance as a whole. For this year, everybody is just seeing the word GIGAHERTZ because if your processor would go lower than that, it means that you are already demoded. Of course, people will stick to the newest and grandest and they would rather choose those processors with speed range of 1.60GHz-2.40GHz according to their needs and job demands.
  • Battery life – Another feature that also needs a proper consideration is the Battery Life of the laptop. Since most of the people using laptops are mobile — they bring their reports, homeworks, and presentations everywhere without plugging it to the power source.

    They really need to be aware on how long will it take to prevent their works from being unsaved or to ruin a business presentation perhaps. You must choose the laptop that can stay for a long time like 6-8 hours without plugging it in to the switch, of course. But for those people who would rather spend their time on social media sites, they can also consider those who have 3-5 hours of life battery.

REVIEWS – Last on the list is one consideration that can help you choose the right brand and type of laptop. People who already experienced a specific brand of laptop would probably speak up about the product they bought. You may check it through the internet and search for the reviews on a specific brand and model of a laptop so you would know which has the most positive reviews and which has the most non-recommendable. If you are looking for a graphic design laptop then you might want to check out the ultimate laptop guide for graphic designers to find out some of the best laptops you can buy.

Laptops are now considered to be one of the most important devices that you should have in order to survive in the business or corporate life. When you already know what type of laptop are you, you may also think of what type of people would you like to handle and value you, and how you were being will be distributed in the market. Would you rather be a liability, or an asset?

Advantages of Using Fountain Pens

As an artist, the most indispensable use of fountain pens is their technique of crafting words. Just when ideas are flowing in the mind of the writer, its nib never encounters trouble keeping up and intriguing more ideas in his/her mind.

The lines left on paper by most fountain pens are visually impressive. Digital printing is rarely as impressive as the text written by a fountain pen which is so alive in its own way. It is much like comparing letterpress printing and modern printing techniques. There is a subtlety in its writing that isn’t there in any other form of writing instrument. In fact each nib of a different fountain pen has varied line forms and structures and their appearance on the paper are a sight to look at. The added benefit of being able to use any shade of any colour that suits the writer’s mood is needless to mention.

Practically everyone who takes a little time to get used to using a fountain pen has noticed that it improves their handwriting. Here’s a list of the best 2014 fountain pen recommendations. Fountain pens with one of a kind nibs are used as a piece of the finest calligraphy. The method required is sufficiently unique that it prompts better handwriting, paying little heed to the way that you don’t attempt to improve it.

Finger stress wounds, carpal shaft syndrome, hand cramps are some typical signs of using electronic keyboards or a modern pen which requires users to exert pressure on the tip. Ballpoints and pencils may be all the more terrible, and even the smoothest roller-ball needs weight to create. Fountain pens demand basically zero weight at all to be able to write. That is one of the things which make them a joy to use.

Fountain pens are in fact less expensive, in the longer run of their usage as opposed to even the cheapest of ballpoints. The Parker Duofold fountain pen review is a great pen that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. No one ever considers how the cost incorporates. It is tricky to ponder the two procedures accurately, since the ordinary measure of a ballpoint’s life is to what degree a line it will make before running out. With fountain pens, every nib is different, and a wide or a wet nib will use significantly more ink than a fine or a dry nib.

The cheaper pens that are worth nothing when you discard them, most fountain pens keep much of their quality. Some are even worth more twenty years after you buy them. So the pens which people assume to be expensive can actually extra you money. Also it is important to mention that various fountain pens are beautiful and even stylish to look at. For sure ink bottles are objects of excellent craftsmanship. By using a fountain pen you can add luxury to your life, and still have a good lifetime investment.

Moreover, a fountain pen with glass bottled ink is an eco-friendly option. You can reuse your unfilled ink containers. With a disposable pen, you are throwing out the tip, the barrel, everything, once the ink is used up. In fact with a ballpoint or rollerball that uses refills, you are throwing out the unfilled refill, and these can’t be reused.

How To Build Big Shoulders Without Going To The Gym

Of all the physical traits of a man, a massive and broad shoulder makes his overall physique quite appealing and masculine. No wonder, shoulder exercises have always been one of the most important parts of regular gym regimen. However, for some, it is quite difficult to hit the gym daily. Call it as their excuse, or something else, but they can’t help it with their “busy schedule”.

Anyways, irrespective of whether you hit the gym regularly or not, if you actually want to achieve a massive shoulder you can. You just need to be consistent with your effort and practice few selective exercises. It’s a good idea to also use heart rate monitors 2014 to help see how many calories you are burning as well.

Doing Push-Ups Consistently and Gradually Increasing the Number

As you expected, it is the first on the list. After all, there is no other form of exercising, which can be simpler and more effective than mere few set of push-ups. Simpler in the sense, you just need to practice it with a simple body posture and all you need are a floor to do it.

Needless to mention, push-ups are one among the most effective upper-body exercises. These not only enhance your shoulder, but also pump-up your triceps and biceps. In other words, if you say, it takes care of your whole upper-body part, bringing it to a great shape. Besides, these aren’t even time-taking, and so you can practice these on a regular basis without needing to invest a lot of time.

Here, it’s worth mentioning that the real power or you can say the actual benefit of push-ups can be achieved through incremental increase in the number over time. That means you need to increase the number of times you do it in every set. Say for instance, you started with 3 sets of 10 pushups in the first week, and then you may go for 15 each on the next week, and so on. Inversion tables are a great addition to your home gym, here’s the top 5 inversion tables for 2014.

Handstand Pushups with a Wall Support

Yes, that too can have a great impact on your shoulders and triceps. You just need to do a handstand taking the support of a wall with your hands at shoulder width apart. Just lift your body up and down, for as many times as you can do in different sets. However, with handstand, you need to be more careful about your position, as one can easily hurt himself if he lacks his concentration while doing it.

Performing As Many Chin Ups As You Can

Chin-ups are yet another effective form of exercising for the upper-body. Besides, for these too, you don’t need to invest a lot of money. Chin up bars is easily available in the market and are quite inexpensive. You can easily fix them in a doorway or any suitable place, and start your effort to boost your shoulders and lats.

It’s better to start it in the wide-grip overhand form, and do as many sets as you can. Once you get accustomed to it, you need to increase the total number with every passing week.

Now, with that little idea on the different forms of shoulder exercises that can be easily performed at home, it’s important to understand that consistency is the key to achieve success with these. If you are looking for some gym equipment to help aid you while you are trying to build huge shoulders then you must check out the best home exercise equipment reviews.